Breakfast for dinner because gains.

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Honored to have had @dannybatimana come to @findinc 2014 Spring Conference as our opening keynote speaker. Thank you very very much for hyping up the crowd and spreading your Happiness Formula to all of us! (: #bukas2014

Honored to have had @dannybatimana come to @findinc 2014 Spring Conference as our opening keynote speaker. Thank you very very much for hyping up the crowd and spreading your Happiness Formula to all of us! (: #bukas2014

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Tracy and Max 


I want to make this post on Tracy and Max because very very very few people are talking about their significance to the story, and why we needed to learn about Max even though he had very little to do with the plot of the show (or so it seemed).

In the episode How Your Mother Met Me, the very…

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adeventute time helped me get over my last breakup no fuckin joke i shit u not

literally adventure time knows their shit

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Behold, the one true Supreme.

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Work hard, play harder. #tbt to the post-Conference mimosas with my amazing team. ❤️🍹

Work hard, play harder. #tbt to the post-Conference mimosas with my amazing team. ❤️🍹

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Road trip with the bae!~ #itlog #bukas2014 @findinc

Road trip with the bae!~ #itlog #bukas2014 @findinc

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Thoughts on HIMYM



Watching the series finale of your favorite show is no easy task. A lot of thoughts run through your head as much as you don’t want them in there. In the end, I considered it a beautiful end to an incredible show. Thinking the whole world shared my opinion, I checked the trending hashtag to discover how poorly mistaken I was. It almost appeared no one enjoyed it, with arguments such as the waste of character development, a waste-of-time death, and a waste-of-time 23 episode season of a failed marriage. Now of course this would upset many people, but I saw it as so much more than it was. I’d just like to share my thoughts on the series finale and the series as a whole. I’m not asking that you like it or to hear me out, but if you’re curious as to what one person thinks then by all means read on.

I want to begin by saying the viewership for this program is skewed. I’m not saying the viewers are crooked or at fault (that would also account for me, duh-doy); I’m just saying the trending popularity this show has brought over the years created many “Netflix-Fans.” What I mean by that is, quite a number of the fan-base is comprised of viewers who in a means to catch up to the current episode airing weekly per season, they binge-watch entire seasons. As entertaining as that is, it involuntarily changes your view of the developmental aspect of the show. In these binge-watches, you see these characters develop over the course of a few seasons in about a night and a half. You experience all these things and scenarios the group goes through at once; you might even become victim to a number of different emotions in a very small time frame. That is the wrong kind of investment for this argument. I speak long-term - since the airing of this show or at least before the Netflix days. I was invested when I would catch several episodes on FX, Lifetime or channel 9(sorry mystery station whose name I am unsure of). I can honestly say I wasn’t totally invested from the beginning but I was there pretty early. Eventually I caught up and saw every episode just from what would air on TV. I was able to watch the weekly new episode in satisfaction. What I’m trying to get at is: development in life is gradual. You can’t let it happen too quick to you or else you won’t like the outcome; no one ever tends to like the outcome. That being said, I feel like the way that finale was presented was targeting that point. Getting a taste of what happens through the gang’s years can do a lot to you. But what it does mostly is show you how things change and why.

As rush as the season has seemed, they did a good job of it in my completely honest opinion. The show is made and completely known for the tiny details and the little things because that’s what life is. Life will always be about the tiny details because that’s what means the most to us. This season closed the book on every open-ended detail that had a memorable place in our hearts while watching this series. Like the Naked Man, Kevin the psychiatrist, and Boats, Boats, Boats! to name a few. I’d like to begin with the development of Lily and Marshall. The biggest struggles they’ve ever faced in the series is separating over each other’s dreams and having children. Both resolved itself when Lily came back from the west coast and they were finally able to give birth to Marvin after strenuous attempts and procedures. In this season, both conflicts came up again and were tied together in such an interesting way. Their value for each other and their family is fortified with the knowledge of a coming second child as well as a future third child. Their dream of becoming a family has finally been established.

Barney has been one of the most awkward characters to ever develop. Barney has always struggled with honesty and loving Robin ever since they were together for the first time. If you can see where this is going, Barney does become the honest man he wanted to be when he found love and has proved to Robin how much he loves her by letting her go. But the development isn’t fully in letting Robin go, as you can see when he goes back to his old ways after their divorce. It is when he finally “grows up” out of his old ways and has a child. After being called immature, a child, and being perceived as both by the viewers for the entirety of the series (there is no argument about that), he grows into a man that found love and found it again. The love he shows for his daughter in the end reveals a culmination of affection both stemming from the affection he had gained from the woman he loved & devoted himself to as well as his affection he silently promises to his daughter, promising to never abandon her and love her the way his father was never able to in his youth.

Robin was able to overcome one of her biggest issues in the series: her career. She was hoping for a relationship that wouldn’t interfere with her dream of working for a big news company after being disappointed by one relationship after another. She had once given up on her dream for her relationship only to be disappointed in herself. She thought she finally found what she was looking for in Barney after not really knowing what to feel for him. But in the end, we discover that working her dream job and having that relationship that could fully balance it was not within her relationship with Barney. She gets to work her dream job but is also forced to go back to her old life in her apartment raising her dogs, becoming too busy to really become a part of the gang again. It was as if she had reverted back to the Robin that hadn’t met Ted yet. But seeing Ted with that blue French horn was enough for her to realize the love that she really wants.

As simple as it sounds, the series brought about 9 seasons worth of full character development that became victim to the changing course of life. It all seemed to tie together in the series finale how much was actually developed but that just proves to show what life does. You can spend a whole lifetime doing one thing and living your life a certain way just to have it all change in an instant. As twist as an ending that was, it was still a valid interpretation of the craziness of life, and this show has certainly taught us how crazy life can be.

After watching the series finale and now thinking back, I’ve come to the conclusion that the series isn’t a reveal of how Ted finds love. It’s really about how he eventually met the perfect girl but the love he was searching for this entire time just proved to be there since the very beginning. It doesn’t get much full-circle than that. Of course, we loved Tracy and were excited for her. She was perfect for Ted and exactly like him in more ways than one. What’s more, they took this season to give her plenty of character development herself, so much so that what we have come to know about her comes so close to what we’ve come to know about everyone else in the group. We can already tell from that montage of Ted and Tracy being happy that they’re completely alike. What we can understand from that is Tracy has come to love the way that Ted loves. We were shown his love would go that extra mile and accept any outcome that results in those he loves being at their happiest. It’s only fitting that the writers set up this character to make the Ted/Robin relationship possible. And once again, the validity of life kicks in. We may meet that one person who is completely perfect for us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the one we’ll want to be with. There is no love like your first love, especially when that person that means so much has been a part of your life for so long.

One of the biggest themes is destiny. That I have no real point for. Just know that it may or may not have been destiny that Ted went back to that club and took that yellow umbrella, when Tracy ended up in Ted’s class, when Tracy got back her umbrella when living with the girl Ted was seeing, and when Ted happened to see that same girl on the subway who recommended Tracy and her band. It is just as much destiny when Ted talks about destiny in the bar in the first episode to turn around and find Robin Scherbatsky in McLaren’s and fall in love with her at that very moment.

I tip my hat to you, writers.

I apologize for the length. I never do this, just felt like sharing some thoughts. 

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People get too fucking butthurt. Get the fuck over it. It’s business.

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